Counterfeit products threat to the accessories sector bigger than ever


How can companies deal with counterfeit issues as poor quality imitation products are on the rise.

The UK accessories sector is being blighted more then ever by counterfeit products and Chinese trademarks that attempt to pass themselves off as a legitimate brand.

EVO Accessories sales director Bobbie Panesar said: “It’s a major problem. Any danger to the consumer caused by these fake products could massively damage the reputation of a legitimate company.”

Belkin sales director Phil Croxford added: “Counterfeiters now have more access to online markets which offer them a lower barrier to entry which has presented a challenge to the business.”

Last year Belkin counterfeit task force took down 4,844 counterfeit listings on e-commerce sites and In February we successfully opposed registration of the ‘Melkin’ mark in China.

The China Trademark Office confirmed ‘Melkin’ is confusingly similar to ‘Belkin’ under China’s Trademark Law. Bluechipworld CEO Simon Hassell explains: “The problem is of poor quality products appearing which are not tested to the highest standards. Such products without the correct certification brings the price down and gives customers with a poor experience”.

China didn’t integrate its trademark system into the world system until 1993. Non- Chinese companies have to be represented by a Chinese patent and trademark firm authorised in patent and trademark prosecution and other proceedings before a case can be taken to the State Intellectual Property and Trademark Office and Patent and Trademark Re-examination Board.