EE lands UK’s best network award


The UK largest network EE achieved overall score of 871, Vodafone scored 818, Three scored 754 and O2 scored 667

EE has been named the UK’s best operator for network quality by network testing firm P3 Communications.

P3 has been conducting network tests on UK operators since 2014. The firm carried out tests across the four major operators in 20 cities, a range of small towns and 2,000 miles of major road.

The UK’s largest network achieved grade “very good” and an overall score of 871, a clear lead in voice and data. Vodafone ranked second at some distance in voice and data-818 overall grade “good”. Three scored 754 “good” and O2 scored 667 grade “satisfactory”.

Compared to the previous year, both top-ranking contenders show distinct score improvements, with EE achieving the most distinct gain. Three comes in third, showing a definite gap behind Vodafone‘s voice and data as well as to the operational excellence results but still achieving the grade “good”.

As in 2016, O2 ranks last with the grade “satisfactory”. In terms of points, both Three and O2 have lost some ground compared to the previous year.

Top of the town

The winner in London is EE with excellent voice and data performances while Vodafone scored higher in voice its still the second-ranking operator. O2 has a strong voice result, but taking the data category into consideration, Three’s score remains ahead of O2.

In Belfast, O2 takes the lead over Three due to their strong voice result.

In Sheffield, Three overtakes Vodafone, although in comparison to the scores achieved in 2016 benchmark, Three loses some ground.

In Glasgow and Liverpool, Vodafone take the lead over EE due to Vodafone’s strong data result.

Overall, Three performs strongly in the voice tests conducted in smaller towns and on connecting roads as well as in the data category in towns.

Between July to September 2017, there was only a one-hour period of downtime on the EE network and one five-hour period on the Three network. For Vodafone and O2, no relevant incidents were observed.

P3 Communications managing director Hakan Ekmen said: “High-quality connectivity is essential to the UK’s future quality of life and competitiveness, so it is encouraging that three of the four main operators have been ranked as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

“In 2018, over-the-top content services, technologies like carrier aggregation and voice over LTE as well as crowd-sourcing based measurements, will become more important. This will make next year’s results even more exciting.”