Truphone sets out to have its own SIM operating system capability with Cellnetrix acquisition


Global service provider wants to be ready for IoT revolution when 50 billion devices are connected

Truphone has agreed to acquire SIM operating system solutions provider Cellnetrix for an undisclosed fee in efforts to build on its Internet of Things infrastructure.

Speaking to Mobile News CEO Ralph Steffens explained the acquisition will bring Truphone its own SIM operating system, allowing the firm to have all the tools it needs in house for the IoT revolution in 2020, where 50 billion devices are predicted to be connected.

“What the acquisition allows for us going forward, especially in the IoT world, is to run our own SIM stack from start to finish. But also gives us the ability to manipulate the operating system to various needs of our customers”, he said.

The deal was announced on October 17 for an undisclosed fee. Cellnetrix is based in Munich and staffs around 20 people, all will be kept on at the German headquarters, adding to the 350 existing Truphone employees globally.

The German solutions provider connects up to 250 million mobile devices to date.Steffens did not rule out phasing out the Cellnetrix brand as the firms integrate further down the line, and rules out any further acquisitions this year.


“At the moment Cellnetrix has a lot of projects going on we don’t want to disrupt” continued Steffens. “While we’re a relatively a small player we don’t want to behave like the bigger ones crushing everyone in the process.

“We want to be sensible in the integration. “We do not expect to make another strategic acquisition this year, we’re not expecting anything major in 2017.

“As for next year we are looking at other opportunities, where there is one, whether it be a piece of technology to help us accelerate in the IoT world we will have a look at.”