Data Select partner to be offered leasing facilities in distributor ‘first’, says CEO Fergal Donovan


Mobile industry will change the way that companies pay for their hardware

Data Select says it has become the first distributor to offer a leasing scheme for mobile devices. It unveiled the plan at the Platinum Club event in the Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel and Country club in Birmingham.

At the 10th anniversary of the first Platinum Club conference, attended by around 130 delegates from Data Select’s B2B partners, CEO Fergal Donovan predicted that the mobile industry will move more towards the print industry in the way that companies pay for hardware.

However, he said that the two industries are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to leasing.

“Around 98 per cent of printers are bought on a lease whereas leasings schemes account for only two per cent of mobiles,” he said.

“We are very happy to be the first distributor to launch a leasing type of product in the UK market. “I’ve talked to partners and worked with a lot of them now to get our leasing product where it is and I think there is plenty of room to have a discussion around it.”

Secure select 

The Data Select chief executive officer also gave Platinum Club delegates a preview of Data Select’s revised Secure Select online portal used to make purchases. The new online partner portal will be launched in the new year to coincide with Data Select’s next Platinum Club meeting in March.

“We are really putting a lot of work into making Secure Select a more intuitive customer journey,” Donovan said.

“It’s one of my projects that I think is very important. “Aside from the people who interact with customers on the phone, the Secure Select platform is like our business card on the web.

“It’s almost like a consumer pro-portal. There will be far more functionality. It will be easier for people to use. It will look better and will help us in the online space”.

New team players 

The Platinum Club event was used to introduce two new members of the Data Select team to the distributor’s dealers and partners.

The two new arrivals are head of purchasing Gareth Goddard and head of B2B Emrah Kulunk. Goddard joins Data Select from Sainsburys Mobile and will head up the product portfolio after stints as director at StockBook and commercial director at TMT First and 2020 Mobile.

Kulunk joined Data Select earlier this year from CommsXchange where he was mobile sales director for four years.