Consumers want multiple services from one provider


New study by Graystone Strategy has revealed that 74 per cent of consumers would take multiple services from the same provider if they appealed to a certain segment of the market.

The nationwide study compiled customer opinion on technology, shopping habits, health and fitness, money and brand loyalty. As a result of the research they were able to cluster similar customers into these six different groups.

Speaking to Mobile News, Graystone strategy’s director James Gray said some network operators have had success appealing to different consumers.

He said: “The more progressive MNOs have been using attitudinal segmentations for a while now, but to date they have been expensive to build and probably beyond the budgets of the smaller MVNOs.”

Of those interviewed in the study 31 per cent said they would buy pay TV from their mobile provider, with Grey suggesting MVNOs should capitalise on this consumer trend.

He added: “It’s easy to use, affordable and can be applied to a wide range of markets from telecoms, to energy and pay TV.

“MVNOs must build better targeted propositions that really resonate with their customers, and the same customer understanding will allow MVNOs to deploy more effective advertising through channels that are most effective for their target segments.”


The Graystone Strategy director also suggested that most small MVNOs don’t have access to detailed analytics about their consumer base due to its cost.

Gray stated that utilising detailed analytics also helps streamlining your marketing budget and a more broad brush approach could cause budgetary issues.

He said: “Beyond some Google analytics, age, address and calling data. It’s just not enough to really

“MVNOs that really understand their customers enjoy higher NPS, better retention rates and better return on investment from their marketing.”

Graystone strategy director added that the whole process is cost-effective quick with a high chance of returns: “Typically we can complete the whole process in less than a month, allowing MVNOs to really start to innovate with even a limited investment.”