Doro 8040 smartphone now available in the UK


It will retail for £250 at John Lewis, Amazon, Clove Technology and Handset Solutions

The Doro 8040 seniors smartphone is now available to purchase in the UK for £250 prepaid from various retailers.

Retail partners selling the Doro flagship include: John Lewis, Amazon, Clove Technology and Handset Solutions.

According to research from the Swedish manufacturer on in four UK (29pc) seniors fear being a burden to family when asking for help with communication technology. Doro uses the Android operating system with its own skin overlaid. Unique features of the skin include a step-by-step guide when completing an action such as sending a text message.


The 8040 caters to seniors with features such as loud and clear sound, adjustable text size and an assistance button.

Family and friends can access the 8040 through web portal My Doro Manager, and remotely provide assistant if difficulties with the the device arises.

The web portal guides users on processes including adding contacts, settings, silent mode and locking the device.

The smartphone has a five inch 720p display, the device itself measures at 148.6 x 70.1 x 9.48mm and weighs 165g.

Other features includes 4G, a 2,920mAh battery, 8MP main camera, 2MP front camera, hearing aid compatibility and speakerphone.


Doro UK and Ireland managing director Peter Marsden said: “The 8040 is the first Doro smartphone that caters both for those that are unfamiliar with smartphone technology, and those who have used smartphones in the past but are keen to take advantage of Doro’s renowned DNA features – all thanks to the Enhanced Mode.

“Now, seniors with smartphone experience can enjoy loud and clear sound and easy to see icons through a multi-faceted interface. This is an important upgrade from the Doro 8030 and an exciting addition to our product portfolio.”