EE will invest millions to improve rail network coverage


The operator will also analyse customer time spent on 4G to see where coverage needs to be improved

EE announced today (Dec 1) it will invest tens of millions next year to improve network coverage along specific rail routes across the UK.

The routes were not revealed in the released statement. EE is also calling on the government to “move quickly” on its promise from the Autumn Budget, to improve rail coverage by incentivising mobile operators.

Alongside, the network announced it would measure network quality analysing how much time customers spend on 4G (anonymously), as apart of its ‘Clear on Coverage’ campaign to provide mobile network coverage transparency.

Improve transparency

BT Consumer CEO Marc Allera said: “Our industry has to get better at giving customers the information they need to make an informed choice about the mobile network that best suits their needs.

“I banned misleading population coverage measurements at EE a year ago, and we’ve seen real change since then. The fundamentally misleading claim of ‘99 per cent coverage’ is very hard to find on mobile operators’ websites today.

“We are introducing new measurements today that will give us a more accurate view of our customers’ network experience than ever before. And we’re working with Ofcom to improve the quality of information that’s available to customers, as we share their ambition to improve transparency around network performance.”