CES 2018: Alcatel launches three new device series


The manufacturer has taken advantage of parent company and television maker TCL to bring a taller screen to the devices

TCL has unveiled three new device series under the Alcatel name at the CES show in Las Vegas, the 5, 3 and 1 series.

New devices in the mid to high, mid and budget sectors of the industry were announced with all three model in its respected series receiving a redesign.

All three devices feature a ‘Full view’ 18:9 display ratio screens thanks to parent company and television manufacturer TCL who will also provide access to their production line and billions in R&D funding in an attempt to improve the time and cost involved in bringing a device to market.

During the unveiling Alcatel global president Christian Gatti added that the manufacturer is looking to develop their devices to better serve the consumers.

He said: “By modernising our smartphone designs and being one of the first global manufacturers to offer 18:9 full view displays across the majority of our line up.

“We’re able to refocus our efforts at democratising flagship style features and making these experiences accessible to almost any consumer worldwide.”

Three new devices

All three devices feature full view displays that run from both vertical edges of the devices with the 5 Series boasting facial recognition and a larger battery.

In comparison the 3 Series rocks a dual rear camera set up and the more affordable 1 Series boasts a unibody, premium, design as well as the taller display and face unlocking software.