2018 predictions: Sunnyside Business Consultants co-founder Andy Tow


Sunnyside Business Consultants co-founder Andy Tow tells Mobile News his thoughts on AI, GDPR and IT security 

At risk of repeating 2017’s predictions and simply changing the “seven” to an “eight” I feel that this year will see the emergence of demonstrably commercial augmented reality and artificial intelligence products and services.

With no possibility to halt the rapid advances in technology – assuming no “Ned Ludd and his Luddites” rise to the fore – automation will continue to develop at speed and AI will begin to show its teeth.

While driverless car capability is pretty much already here it will take some years yet before the legislative framework catches up, so I think we’ll be limited to trials and Andy Tow Co-founder Sunnyside Business Consultants The move towards a digital Britain will continue in 2018.

With changing regulation, such as GDPR, and technological developments, digital Anne Sheehan Enterprise director Vodafone UK capability demonstrations during 2018.

Whatever Brexit may throw at us, GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] will happen on the May 28 2018. Is it the new ‘Y2K’ red herring? Or will organisations really be fined the greater of 20 million euros – or 4 per cent of worldwide turnover – for serious and continued infringements? Perhaps the hype will ensure the channel invests in appropriate readiness measures and the GDPR column inches become tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappings.

With so many new data hungry applications and mobile usage increasingly moving to video and streaming, connectivity and bandwidth requirements will be high on many consumers’ list of requirements.

Consequently, we’ll see the emergence, probably Asia or the US, of the first limited coverage 5G networks. At the corporate level, we’ll see some big acquisitions and further consolidation as the secondary market works out how to compete with BT and co.

Will Vodafone acquire fibre internet businesses or bring in house capability to run its own hosted cloud telephony? And perhaps a Liberty Global tie up will come back to the table. And as our lives are increasingly lived through technology devices, IT and cloud security will continue to feature heavily and new data breaches will become a common occurrence.

Consequently, IT security companies will become increasingly valuable.