2018 predictions: Genuine Solutions purchasing director Bav Majithia


Genuine Solutions purchasing director Bav Majithia predicts connected wearables will make strides, as will recycling and repurposing technology

Connected wearables have been growing at a significant rate – with upwards of 16.9 per cent year-on-year growth.

Genuine Solutions expects to see more affordable brands get in on the action in 2018 as well as a broader range of products and some even targeting the under-12s, replacing the need for a fully-fledged smartphone.

The growth of audio devices will continue to be fuelled by consumer preferences for all things wireless and the future trend for removal of the 3.5mm jack from premium smartphones.

However, the consumer’s rapid change of pace and demand for the latest tech is creating a call for an alternative approach and this is where Genuine Solutions expects increased interest in graded products through increased recycling and repurposing of technology.

We are also expecting to see ethical brands begin to make more noise in the technology marketplace and are predicting continued progress on the extension of connected technologies with the Internet of Things.