2018 predictions: Eurostar Global purchasing manager Brendan Nicholls


Eurostar Global purchasing manager Brendan Nicholls forecasts further consolidation but competition to remain fierce

In 2018 I expect to see further consolidation of distribution, with a mainline business being purchased by one of the big IT resellers.

However, competition will remain as fierce as ever with a number resorting to services and not focusing as heavily on hardware due to margin erosion.

In terms of innovation, I expect to see flexible devices being showcased at MWC at the end of February with the continued emergence of VR and all things smart home.

Embedded SIM is probably a year too early but conversations will become more prevalent towards the end of the year. I expect to see one of the major vendors to pull out of high end devices such is the demand and duopoly of Samsung and Apple whilst Nokia will continue to grow and become a solid number 3.

Apple I believe has peaked in terms of demand due to the cost structure of iPhone X however it will still remain the most desirable product due to the eco-system and service.