2018 Predictions: Fidelity Energy managing director John Haw


Brexit will be the issue of the year according to Fidelity Energy managing director John Haw as well as the increased emphasis on cyber security

Its impossible to make predictions without addressing the elephant in the room – Brexit. If the DUP fail to back the government, then we will be forced to a hard Brexit and, I suspect, a new referendum. I’m not sure how a new vote would go, with both sides of the equation feeling let down. A new general election could also be a very real possibility, a change in government to one led by Jeremy Corbyn would have serious implications for UK Plc.

Away from politics, electric cars will start to become mainstream and the number of charge points will grow exponentially. The tax breaks and subsidies offered by the government leading to greater adoption.

Cyber security will become everyone’s responsibility, corporations will need to evidence the highest standards and failing will be met with executive level departures.

Bitcoin will continue to grow to advance higher than even $20,000, before facing hacks, competition and regulation. This will inevitably lead to more instability, wild swings, investors getting burnt and people making fortunes! ICOs (initial coin offerings) will become more mainstream and a way of raising significant levels of finance.

Finally, inflation will continue to rise in 2018 with further price increases expected. Oil prices will also continue to rise, leading to further energy price rises.