Consumers are still paying too much on their mobile bills, research reveals


Over-spending falls to £3.7 billion but consumers are still losing out, says ctrlio co-founder

Consumer over-spending on mobile bills in the UK was reduced to £3.7 billion last year, according to new research from comparison site ctrlio.

Last year 74 per cent of consumers who visited ctrlio cut the over spending figure which stood at £4.4 billion 12 months ago.

The results, gathered from 230,000 searches made on the ctrlio website and then scaled up in line with Ofcom figures, found consumers are over-estimating what they need to get through the month.

Given what they think they need, consumers could save an average of £119 a year on mobile contracts, however, they could save £160 if they knew how much they used.

ctrlio co-founder Dominic Strowbridge told Mobile News that there are two main factors at play as to why consumers still pay too much for the service they receive, with many consumers under the misconception that it’s difficult to change networks and concerned they may end up with a worse service as a result.

Strowbridge said: “There is a lot of money on the table in terms of savings and there are obviously people who are willing to pay for convenience such as bundles where everything is together.

“It all comes down to people over-estimating what they need instead of analysing their bills, finding out what they really use to get a better fitting product and save more money.”