MWC 2018: Vodafone Group announce strategic partnership with Samsung


Vodafone and Samsung to launch Smart Home services

Vodafone Group have announce on Sunday (Feb 25) its plans to launch a range of consumer Internet of things (IoT) devices. Vodafone will exclusively work with Samsung in selected European markets.

By combining Samsung’s ‘SmartThings’ range and the ‘V by Vodafone’ consumer IoT system they aim to offer consumers a comprehensive and secure selection of products and services.

The starter kit for this co-developed and co-branded venture consists of a Samsung SmartThings Wifi hub that manages and interconnects the compatible IoT products.

In your starter pack the products will be a Samsung SmartThings security Camera with motion detectors, SmartThings multipurpose sensor to trigger alarms and loud strobe lighted SmartThings siren to ward off invaders.

The pack also has the Vodafone’s V-Home Monitor platform with a simplistic set up to help configure the devices.

Accompanying the monitor is the V-Home Alarm Assistant that communicates security breaches via SMS and automated outgoing phone calls within 15 minutes to your app or those your designate to receive the alert.

As the IoT landscape becomes more prevalent in the growing ‘Smart Home’ culture, Vodafone and Samsung look to expand and invest in their IoT security, safety and leisure products.

Vodafone’s Group Chief Executive Vittorio Colao, said: “The Internet of Things is already transforming the world of work; now, it will transform the home.”