EE’s dominance in independent testing can still be challenged by its rivals


EE again comes fi rst in Rootmetrics call quality and coverage tests

EE has won Rootmetrics surveys on voice call quality and coverage for the fourth year running. However the independent testing company says any network could come first providing they have the best infrastructure said RootMetrics general manager for Europe Scott Stonham (pictured above).

The comments follow the latest report into connectivity throughout Britain in H2 2017, testing 16 of the most populated metropolitan areas for call, text and data quality as well as download speeds and reliability to come up with an overall score and subsequent rankings.

EE won all categories in the latest round of testing following the improvement of its VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) moved them into top spot which was last time won by Vodafone, Stonham said that EE’s improvements in the call quality category demonstrates that, with the right investment in infrastructure, any mobile operator can become the best in the country.

“What is interesting about this is that there is a technology deployment roadmap for all of these operators. And there is an opportunity for these operators to leapfrog and outmanoeuvre each other.

“At the beginning of last year, EE suffered because of their VoLTE roll out.

“They lost on some of the results in the 16 metropolitan areas measured. This compromised how many categories they won on a national level. But now they are doing well again because of the VoLTE improvements.

“If the other networks choose to deploy the right technology at the right time or embrace a strategy that gives them a competitive advantage they can disrupt the landscape of EE being the overall winner.”


Although it is an open race, EE has dominated the Rootmetrics surveys for eight consecutive tests.

GfK director of technology Imran Choudhary agrees that: “There certainly is the scope for the networks to leapfrog each other.

“Network connectivity is at the heart of the user experience and a key driver of satisfaction.

“Infrastructure and technologies are always developing through continual investment so the potential is always there for all the networks to make significant advances.

“Improving infrastructure isn’t always cheap, But clever and continual investment can lead to rapid improvements”, he said.

Canalys analyst Ben Stanton also agreed, adding “there is still plenty to play for.

“EE has been top dog for some time but all players need to invest assertively to avoid the risk of losing ground.”