Huawei steps up laptop and tablet offerings


Huawei upped its offerings in the tablet and laptop market by unveiling its MediaPad M5 family of tablets and Matebook X Pro.

Huawei made the announcement at the Centre de Convencions Internacional in Barcelona on the eve of Mobile World Congress.

The manufacturer held off announcing its flagship P20 smartphone, and instead will do so at its own launch event in Paris on March 27. The tablets measure 8.4-inches or 10.8-inches with options for 4G connectivity, internal storage of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Pricing ranges from €349 to €599 (UK pricing and release to be confirmed). Both models have quad-HD displays and can be attached to a keyboard. Also unveiled was the Matebook X Pro.

Huawei hailed innovations from Sony draws a crowd in Barcelona Unveiling the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact Huawei will unveil its P20 smartphone in Paris smartphones, including fingerprint and iris sensors and fast charging. A UK release is yet to be confirmed.

Huawei said the first wave of releases will be in China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, Italy and Nordic.

Three versions will be available ranging from €1,499 to €1,899. Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu highlighted the manufacturer’s achievement of shipping 152 million smartphones to date.

Revenue for 2017 stood at 600 billion yuan (£68 billion), the Shenzhen-based firm’s slowest growth since 2013.


Yu said: “Our growth is at 30 per cent and our brand awareness is at 85 per cent. Our brand awareness was at three per cent five to six years ago. Now we’re growing to 85 per cent.

“Today’s consumers want more: they expect their technology to be both powerful and adaptable – and Huawei is committed to creating devices that not only meet these expectations, but create experiences that make everyday computing extraordinary.

“The Huawei MateBook X Pro and MediaPad M5 Series are at the forefront of a new generation of mobile computing that empowers every aspect of your life.”

Huawei Western Europe Consumer Business Group president Walter Ji (pictured above) confirmed its next flagship smartphone series will continue the focus on artificial intelligence (AI). He reaffirmed Huawei’s continuing growth in market share across Europe.

“For our next flagship product, the P20 series, we’re going to launch in Paris on March 27. We’re not announcing anything here in Barcelona,” he said.

“AI technology is the trend; we launched the first AI chipset for the Mate 10 last year and it’s become a hot topic for consumers. For sure, AI will bring more of a user experience in the P20 series.

“We’re happy to say more and more people are convinced by us in terms of smartphones. We continue to bring user experience and the most innovative experience to market.

“By the end of July 2017, from a marketshare point of view, we’re number two in the global market. According to GfK we are number one in Spain and second in Italy.

“In countries like Belgium, Poland, Germany and France we are in the top three or two. Based on this strength we do have the innovation and understanding of consumers.”


Huawei made its debut in the PC and market by taking on many more established players such as Lenovo, HP and Dell last year, launching the Matebook X. Ji refused to disclose shipment figures on its debut laptop series.

He added: “We have not announced our ambition for the computer market because it is similar to when we launched smartphones under our brand.

“Back then we were nothing, nobody, but now we’re number three in the world. In a few years I believe we will capture a big piece of the PC market share.

“We aimed at the PC industry for the first time last year. The reason we did that is because we understand that the smartphone industry has developed very fast and there are more innovations year after year.

“The PC industry has not progressed as fast. For instance, most consumers change their smartphones every two years whereas laptops and PCs are swapped out every five

“We believe this product will be very popular to those who are looking for more user experience. The products will launch in the first wave in a few countries and we will see how the market goes.

“We have plans to release in more countries as it’s not only the first waves of countries that demand premium design and long-life batteries. We are quite confident in
our bid to enhance user experiences.”