EE customers can now share data with the family


Pay monthly and SIM-only customers can give out 500MB increments to linked contracts

EE customers can now distribute mobile data to family members.

The operator claims a UK first with the service launched today (June 1). EE customers on pay monthly and SIM-only contracts can top up linked contracts up by 500MB increments through the myEE app.

Every new plan added to a shared plan will be rewarded with 1GB of data and a 10 per cent discount on the newly added contract – up to a maximum of four additional lines.

Parental controls is available (right) on the lead account to control data spend, whereby data can be switched off or have a limit placed.

EE marketing managing director Max Taylor said: “Data gifting with EE helps families to get the most from their allowances by being able to move their mobile data around their smartphones, with easy to use parental controls.

“So now mum and dad can turn their data into digital pocket money and reward the kids for good behaviour, or reduce the amount they are using, all without having to spend a penny more”.