The joy of X: P2i’s new coating goes on fast and protects more


P2i has coated more than 300 million smartphones

Liquid repellent nanocoating provider P2i has announced the immediate availability of a new coating that can be applied in half the time of the current coating.

The Splash-proof X coating is now available for manufacturers to use on their products, with Lenovo and Huawei expected to be among the first to make use of the new protection.

As well as water, oils, grease and sweat are also blocked by the coating on mobiles, headsets and IoT devices. To date P2i has coated more than 300 million smartphones with the original Splash-proof technology. It is estimated the Splash-proof X coating can cut facility and utility costs by 50 per cent.

P2i CEO Ady Moores said: “P2i is matching the demand for its products by investing heavily in R&D. We are working on bringing new products to market, but also dramatically improving the capabilities of existing solutions. Splash-proof has been widely utilised by the likes of Huawei and Lenovo in the protection of its devices and we look forward to seeing a new generation of smartphones leaving the production line – faster and with greater protection.”