Samsung Likely to Suffer most as Huawei heads for top spot


Chinese challenger closes in on world leader and is targeting to hit number one within a year

Samsung is in danger of being overtaken by Huawei in the battle for top spot of global smartphone shipments according to analysts.

While Huawei overtook Apple for second spot in the global smartphone sales, it is expected that Samsung will be the most at risk from the emerging Huawei growth.

Samsung led the way with 73 million shipments in the second quarter of the year with Huawei shipping 54 million and Apple in third with 41 million.

Huawei’s market share has grown 41 per cent compared to the same quarter last year whereas Samsung’s has decreased by eight per cent.

IDC senior research director Francisco Jeronimo has called it “worrying” for Samsung and expects Huawei to mount a serious challenge for the number one position in the next year.

“It is a lot more worrying for Samsung than Apple. Huawei is on track to get to number one and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in the next 12 months.”

CCS Insights vice president forecasting Marina Koytcheva agrees: “Huawei’s growth has come at the expense of Samsung and other Android competitors.

“The pressure is more on these competitors, because it is easier to persuade an Android user to switch from one brand to another rather than an iOS user to switch on Android.”

uSwitch head of commercial communications Ernest Doku believes Samsung will be pushed to innovate further after Huawei’s flagship the P20 Pro has enjoyed success.

“Samsung will have cause to think about what it can deliver now. It is exciting to know a manufacturer in Huawei can compete at attracting customers to an exciting alternative.”

Canalys senior analyst Ben Stanton on the other hand expects Huawei to drop out of the top two in the next quarter as Apple enters its strongest half of the year.

“I don’t expect Huawei to maintain its number two position as we shift to the end of the year. Apple is very seasonal and it is very telling that Huawei beat Apple in its weakest quarter.”