Mobile industry holds its breath in anticipation of latest Apple launch


Launch in matter of days has seen the industry pause

The mobile industry has come to a pause as it waits for Apple to unveil its latest flagship device, according to resellers within the industry.

Last year Apple launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone X to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in producing smartphones, and it will be presenting the next iterations on Wednesday.

In advance of the presentation, resellers and insurers within the industry are anticipating a strong launch from Apple with hopes it can drive more business. Speaking to Mobile News, EcoRenew Group CEO Marc Chambers said iPhone launches always increase the opportunities for Mazuma and iMend, two EcoRenew brands.

“The iPhone launch is a huge event across our business for both our consumer-facing brands, Mazuma and iMend. For Mazuma, we regularly see volume of orders spike by 30 to 40 per cent more than normal through the website following the initial iPhone announcement.”

The One Point MD Martin Lauer agrees: “The new iPhone launch is always important to our business. We have a large number of high-end customers who always need to have the latest iPhone.

“It creates a pause in the market in the months before when customers are saying they’ll wait for the latest iPhone to come out.”

It is no different in the insurance sector as Bastion Insurance director of sales John Fannon says it causes a great deal of excitement in the industry and has the potential to achieve greater success for Bastion than the Samsung Note 9 which has driven substantial uptake.

“There is always a lot of excitement and anticipation in advance of an iPhone launch and there is always a big uptake in insurance plans when Apple release new smartphones. We’ve just had our best ever month where a significant part of the uptake that month was due to the Samsung Note 9 that was released earlier in the month. We get an immediate uplift on that as it is a very expensive and desirable item and we all know the iPhone will be no different, if not better than that, so we are standing by for quite an uplift,” said Fannon.

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