Opinion: Will new iPhone be a notch above the rest?

‘Tim Cook’s mug is going to be all over your phone, TV and papers’

Will this week’s annual iPhone fest give us breakthrough tech or more notches and emojis?

Depending on when you’re reading this, you’ll be high on excitement or bored of the hype, delirious with what you are about to receive or tired of hearing all about it.

Of course, it’s all about the iPhone.

Don’t expect it to go away, Tim Cook’s mug is going to be all over your phone, TV and papers grinning with what looks to be the same phone as last year but is a little different.


That’s my prediction by the way, a notch, all glass design with a chrome border and a few added features.

Although that means another 12 months of vertical cameras, rivals to the Animojis (which I  believe are terrible) and snide comments about notches at every android launch (again, pack it in).

But that isn’t really why I am getting up on my soap box right now.


Like many up and down every country around the globe, I am excited, and Apple has an opportunity to seize the initiative over its South Korean rivals.

I doubt I really need to go into Samsung’s financials, and to be honest I don’t really want to, but at the same time they were crucial. Having such a disappointing quarter well within the first quarter of its life cycle, the S9 range has opened the door to those on the fence.

The tell-tale signs were there 10 months ago when we picked up on the rise of the MVNO and a lack of smartphone sales.

Consumer complaints about similar designs, software packages and features were rife and many still believe that to be the case.

So in the face of this Samsung revealed the Galaxy S9 with the same design, same software and a slightly better camera. Not exactly revolutionary, and the Note series is much of the same.

However, just because Samsung took its foot off the pedal doesn’t mean Apple can. Regardless of how successful it has been at churning out the same device year after year in the past, if the success of Huawei has shown anything it’s that the duopoly is under threat.

Will Animojis be updated or killed off in the new Apple range?


Couple that with the increasing popularity of brands like Honor, OnePlus and Google, which can all afford to bring premium flagship features at low prices, and the picture changes from one of advancements to one of highlighting the disparity between the marketing strategies.

Either way I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement and, although I’ll be in the office all night, I’m sure it’ll be worth it when I get my hands on Cupertinos’s new toys.

I am such a nerd.