Two-fifths of smartphone users consider Huawei switch after Mate 20 launch


Apple users are the most likely to switch over to the Chinese manufacturer according to poll

Since Huawei launched the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro a flash poll has found that 42 per cent of handset users are considering switching over to Huawei.

The poll was carried out by who surveyed over 1,000 people since the launch of the two phones.

In the first 24 hours after the launch, there was a 12 per cent uplift in the value of phones being traded in, with suggestions that those with some of the latest smartphones are looking to make the switch.

According to the study iPhone users are most likely to make the switch over (34 per cent) with 47 per cent of iPhone 7 and 21 per cent of iPhone XS users considering Huawei’s latest handsets.

Samsung owners were the next most likely with 28 per cent, with 17 per cent of Google Pixel owners contemplating the switch.

In terms of the key features for consideration reverse wireless charging with 33 per cent was the most common response, with 31 per cent citing the four cameras.

Fast charging (25 per cent), in-screen finger print technology (24 per cent) and waterproof capability (16 per cent) were also among the most tempting features.

However of those unimpressed with the Huawei smartphones, 51 per cent said they were still looking to upgrade elsewhere, with 24 per cent citing the Google Pixel 3, 16 per cent for the iPhone XR and 15 per cent want the Samsung S9. mobile expert Jack Webster said: “Mobile users have been crying out for true innovation and holding on to what they had after failing to be wowed by what was on offer, but 2018 has brought a range of updates at a range of price points which we predict will reignite the market.