Study reveals two-thirds of Brits would put their hands down toilet to save phone


People in Edinburgh are the most protective of their phones, with Leicester the least

Britons are more likely to retrieve their phones from a public toilet than their wedding ring according to a recent survey.

In a study conducted by of 1,000 people, 65 per cent of respondents said they would stick their hand in the toilet to pick up their phone.

Those polled were more likely to salvage their mobile than their wedding ring (57 per cent), keys (56 per cent), wallet (55 per cent) and a bank card (54 per cent).

Edinburgh was the city most likely to put their hands in the toilet with 76 per cent of respondents choosing this as most important.

However those in Cambridge are more likely to try and save their wedding ring (74 per cent) than their phone (68 per cent).

While in Newcastle Upon Tyne residents are equally like to retrieve their bank card as much as their phone (63 per cent). mobile expert Jack Webster said: “Dropping your phone down the toilet is one of the most common damages a mobile can endure, particularly for men who keep it in their top pocket.

“The good news for those who are prone to allowing their handset to slide down the u-bend, modern phones are getting more and more water resistant so your phone should still work after it’s taken the plunge.”