Huawei founder not phased by Trump’s relaxation of ban


US president Donald Trump surprised the world when he reversed the ban on Huawei over the weekend

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said the US relaxing its ban on the Chinese vendor will not have “much impact” on business as Huawei has already adjusted to American hostility.

This was according to a report from the Financial Times. Ren was responding to US president Trump’s decision to soften a ban on US companies selling Huawei technologies it needs to manufacture goods. Instead Ren said Huawei will “focus on doing our own job right”.

“President Trump’s statements are good for American companies. Huawei is also willing to continue to buy products from American companies. But we don’t see much impact on what we are currently doing. We will still focus on doing our own job right.”

“The US is helping us in a great way by giving us these difficulties. Under external pressure, we have become more united than ever.

“If we aren’t allowed to use US components, we are very confident in our ability to use components made in China and other countries.”

President Trump surprised many by reversing the ban over the weekend which stopped companies such as Google and ARM from doing business with the Chinese firm. The US and China agreed to a trade truce and reignite negotiations as the two nations have placed expensive tariffs on each other in the past year.

The Trump administration has been facing domestic pressure in favour and against relaxing the ban on Huawei. Technology companies have lobbied for a massive relaxation of the ban on Huawei while security officials demand it be fortified.