Challenger gears up for 25 per cent turnover increase target


Challenger has also announced an updated website as part of its brand relaunch

Challenger Mobile Communications is targeting a £2 million increase in turnover in the next three years. This will be partly driven by a brand relaunch this month.

The Flintshire-based dealer and O2 Direct Partner is chasing an increase in turnover from £8 million last year to £10 million by January 2022, says managing director and co-founder Jeff Eamens.

Mobiles constitute about 60 per cent of the company’s current overall turnover, alongside hosted products, vehicle tracking, lone worker protection, voice telephony and other data products.

Eamens bought out fellow Challenger co-founder Wayne Skellon earlier in April.

“The buyout was prompted by Wayne wanting to retire, so we took it as an opportunity to future- proof the business and ensure we were offering out customers exactly what they needed,” said Eamens.

The buyout was supported by funding of £1.4 million from the Development Bank of Wales.

The brand relaunch will include a new version of Challenger’s website, but does not include concrete plans for the company to use 5G services.

“Although it is too early to know what 5G has to offer, the probability is that it will surpass the 4G revolution,” said Eamens.

“Our team stays up to date with all the latest information to ensure we are ready to provide any new services to our customers.”