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EE, BBC & Huawei in 4G broadcast collaboration

All three will team up as part of trial to broadcast Commonwealth Games directly to mobile devices. Read the full story

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EE reveals top World Cup network traffic moments

Tim Cahill’s volley against the Netherlands sees highest traffic ever recorded on EE’s network Read the full story

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Vodafone takes on EE with low-end 4G devices

Manufacturer targets lower-end of market with new 4G devices Read the full story

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O2 switches on its 4G network in northern Ireland

Network now available in Belfast and Lisburn following a £15 million investment to upgrade services in the country 

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EE makes 4G available in 14 additional towns

Network now covering 229 large UK towns and cities with population coverage of 73 per cent

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Lumia 635 set for UK release next week

Latest Lumia device is the first 4G device to market running the Windows Phone 8.1 OS Read the full story

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EE to provide free WiFi at this year’s Glastonbury Festival

Operator installing its 4G network for the weekend to power hotspots in the form of life-size cows

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BT switches business tariffs to 4G – consumers next year

Developments follow telecom provider’s to switch its MVNO agreement from Vodafone to EE earlier this year

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Vodafone plans 4G rollout in further five areas this summer

Operator claims new areas will bring its 4G coverage to almost one million people and more than 35,000 businesses Read the full story

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Relish targets London broadband market with wireless offering

New wireless 4G broadband service available in capital initially with nationwide rollout planned Read the full story

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Suggest you seek medical help immediately. Kind regards...
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This made me laugh out loud! the iSheep being put into pens. They shouyld have used Sheepdogs instead of security guards!...
To all the people who queued up outside a store to get a new iPhone! What a bunch of sad, lonely and very pathetic losers you are. You really do need to get a life – it’s a mobile phone!...
It would be good if they focused on increasing network capacity, rather than technology that decreases the poor capacity Vodafone already sports....
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