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Orange CEO: Current EE ownership model isn’t long-term

Split 50/50 ownership with Deutsche Telekom is not a long term solution according to Stephane Richard Read the full story

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Government has it wrong on ‘notspot’ proposals

National roaming will lead to degradation of services and investment say leading analysts

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Ericsson: Regulation not to blame for stunting investment

Telecoms firm rejects suggestions that roaming caps restrict networks capex

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Mystery Shopper: Durham

This week Mystery Shopper visits Durham, the land of the Prince Bishops, to look for a princely phablet. So, what is the largest device our favourite retailers can offer and can they sell it for a reasonable price?

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EE releases Buzzard 2 in-car 4G WiFi device

Customers able to connect to EE’s 4G network whilst travelling by car, who can now connect further devices to the product  

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EE trumps rivals for 4G speeds in latest Ofcom tests

Operator comes out on top with the best 4G download and upload speeds, with London finishing bottom out of five major cities in most categories  

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EE and Three sign fibre agreement with CityFibre

Agreement sees dark fibre utilised at operators’ sites to improve performance, capacity and drive down costs
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Dealers ‘big part’ in EE’s progress

Europe’s largest 4G provider admits past lessons have been learnt and it is winning in the market

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BT, EE and HTC develop 999 call mobile tracker

New service pinpoints 999 calls 4,000 times more accurately than current system and could help save lives Read the full story

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US Law firm to investigate collapse of Phones 4u

Administrator PwC hire legal firm to look into conduct of Phones 4u owners and mobile networks Read the full story

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