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Getting To Know You: Conor Pierce

 Pierce tells us how how he went from selling socks on a market stall in Dublin to heading up the manufacturer’s business in the UK and Ireland

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Microsoft takes Samsung to court over Android royalties

Microsoft claims Samsung refused to pay IP licensing fees because of Nokia buyout

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Microsoft profits fall following Nokia buy

Just 5.8 million Lumia devices sold in the quarter ‘driven by low price points’ Read the full story

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Microsoft Devices unveils Lumia 530

Smartphone is the cheapest Lumia to date, and will cost under £100 SIM-free Read the full story

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Microsoft to slash Nokia’s workforce by 12,500

Chief executive officer Satya Nadella laments ‘difficult but necessary changes’ Read the full story

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Tech Data Mobile wins Nokia B2B distribution deal

Distributor joins Exertis Micro P and Ingram Micro in supplying Windows run Lumia handsets to the business channel  Read the full story

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Lumia 930 available to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse

Customers who pre-order ahead of 17 July release date will receive £130 worth of Nokia accessories Read the full story

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Lumia 635 set for UK release next week

Latest Lumia device is the first 4G device to market running the Windows Phone 8.1 OS Read the full story

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Ingram Micro unveils new ‘brand identity’

Ingram Micro unveils new brand strategy as part of wider growth plans 

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Windows Phone OS to dominate B2B by mid-2015

Microsoft to exploit expensive iOS plus security and experience issues with all rival systems

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