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Former CEO Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board

Ballmer quits board six months after retiring from 14 year stint as CEO in April Read the full story

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Microsoft appoints Satya Nadella as CEO

Nadella, who has worked for Microsoft for 22 years, replaces Steve Ballmer. Founder Bill Gates has said the appointment is “exactly what Microsoft needs” Read the full story

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Nokia shareholders expected to give green light to sale today

Sale of manufacturer’s devices and services business to Microsoft expected to be given go-ahead, but shareholders are likely to protest against the €19 million being paid to departing CEO Stephen Elop

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Elop one of five candidates for top Microsoft job

Former Nokia president and CEO reportedly on the reduced shortlist to replace the retiring Steve Ballmer

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire within 12 months

Ballmer said he is leaving to make way for a leader who can stay with Microsoft throughout its transformation to a devices and services company Read the full story

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Cutting Room: when CEOs think they are rock stars

Company bosses are going all-out to impress audiences with their charismatic approach to product launches, but as Ian White argues, it doesn’t always work out for the best

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Cutting Room: it’s a Jobs well done by Microsoft

Microsoft has finally unveiled its much-anticipated Windows Phone 8 OS, and after getting hands-on with the platform, Paul Withers was pretty impressed

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Microsoft unveils own brand tablet

Firm takes first step into PC computing with tablet and keyboard combination running new version of Windows operating system Read the full story

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Business Watch: Nokia Microsoft gamble could be worth billions

So now we know what Nokia’s new chief executive Stephen Elop had up his sleeve as his big-bang turnaround strategy for the world’s leading handset maker

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MWC: Microsoft to launch new services on handsets

Microsoft will launch Internet Explorer 9, Twitter and Skydrive on handsets later this year as company looks to build mobile customer base Read the full story

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