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Apple unveils iPad Air 2 and mini 3 – O2, EE, Vodafone and Three to stock

iPad Air 2 hailed as the thinnest tablet on the market – at just 6.1mm, and now includes fingerprint recognition technology. Prices start from £319 for the mini 3 and £399 for the iPad Air 2. Read the full story

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iPhone sees mobile retailers buck high street footfall trend

iPhone 6 launch sees footfall rise by 8.2 per cent across mobile phone
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Three starts staff talks over new pay structure

Employees contact Mobile News as they fear wages will be cut, which the firm denies

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Three secures HTC Desire Eye handset exclusive

Device only available on Three network whilst EE and Three will both sell the HTC RE connected camera Read the full story

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Liverpool named best UK city for mobile performance

London comes in fifth in RootMetrics study that looks at customer signal experience across all networks Read the full story

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Ofcom fines Three £250,000 over complaint-handling rules breach

Investigation into complaint monitoring and enforcement found Three did not handle some complaints in fair and timely manner Read the full story

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BlackBerry growth plans hit operator brick wall

EE, O2 and Three snub new Passport handset as market share plummets to just five per cent

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Ofcom closes window for feedback on number switching

EE, O2, Vodafone and Three all sent feedback to regulator as part of review into porting Read the full story

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EE 4G population coverage hits 75 per cent

281 large towns and cities now covered across the UK by EE’s network
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Winners and losers in Phones 4u saga

With Phones 4u entering administration, Paul Withers looks at how the demise of the retailer will affect the industry and its consumers 

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There will be a version of the Apple Watch which will cost in excess of £10,000....
Written by a numpty! I don't think that the apple watch will be in the same price bracket as a Rolex...
Noted - thanks...
Please reread the penultimate paragraph - that quote doesn't say that microsoft is treading water - it says that Blackberry is: "While Microsoft is making significant effort to grow its prese...
What an ugly pig of a phone!...
I've always supported blackberry and am hoping that this phone helps them get back on to the road to redemption with their past and current customers. The BB10 rollout was a complete unmitigate...
The BlackBerry Z30 was released on October 1, 2013 - not "mid October" as you suggest. What was that you said about research? We tend to round dates off to the nearest month - rather than somethi...
Hi Chris, Our Mystery Shopper did do a review in Middlesbrough a few weeks ago - http://www.mobilenewscwp.co.uk/2014/09/09/mystery-shopper-middlesbrough/ However, we are looking at sending ...
How can you say in the little quip under the headline that this was the first BlackBerry released in a year? In your own article you have quoted Marty Beard as saying " We began rolling out the Z...
Your Mystery shopper surveys are always concentrated in the Southern regions.. Will you be planning on seeing how the northerners represent their respective brands?...

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