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Three profits rocket 47pc to £123m in six-months

Revenue down three per cent but profits have gone up 47 per cent year-on-year Read the full story

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How to avoid bill shock when you’re abroad

You don’t have to be greeted by a huge mobile phone bill when you arrive home from your holiday. Here’s how

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Three cuts complaints by being friendlier

Operator becomes least complained about network to Ofcom following the introduction of a number of new services and improvements, which it claims gives customers less reason to complain 

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Mystery Caller: Smartphone and tablet deal

Mystery Caller has decided to go all ‘multi-screen’ and is looking for a new smartphone and a tablet to fulfil his data needs. Can the operators offer a package too good to turn down? 

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Three make 0800 calls free on new SIM-only plans

Three will give new SIM-only customers free calls to 0800 numbers as part of their new SIM-only plans, but the offer will not include existing SIM only tariffs. Read the full story

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UK government to fast track mobile surveillance laws

Emergency laws will be introduced next week to force service providers to log records of calls, texts and internet use for 12 months. Read the full story

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BT wins Supreme Court ruling over mobile network charges

Ruling over prices on 08 numbers could mean UK operators are forced to pay back tens of millions of pounds.

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Three rebrands store as ‘Trois’ to mark Tour De France

Outlet in Leeds given new signage for one day only as staff promote its Feel At Home proposition, which has seen roaming charges abolished in 16 countries

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Three wants rethink over EU’s roaming price-cut plans

Operator argues wholesale pricing caps to be imposed should reflect what consumers will pay

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Mystery Shopper: Angel Islington

Mystery Shopper is getting a Samsung Galaxy S5 but is worried about online security and sensitive work files on the Android OS. Can the retailers put a worried mind at ease and offer the right security package?

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I purchased a cell phone from Sprint and had several problems with service. next time I'll go direct to Orange, and it's cheaper!...
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Ask Samsung about their recruit policies regarding ethnic minorities. Equal opportunities employer? joke...
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