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Exclusive: Vodafone stuns dealers by axing £100 ‘port-in’ bonus

Dealers complain operator’s commercials were no longer strong enough and that Vodafone had taken themselves out of the acquisition market

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Excalibur rejects bid approaches

Vodafone Platinum Partner confirms it has held talks with potential suitors but that no agreements were made

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iPhone sees mobile retailers buck high street footfall trend

iPhone 6 launch sees footfall rise by 8.2 per cent across mobile phone
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Vodafone extends 4G roaming network to 23 countries

Operator adds a further 19 countries where customers can use its 4G network to join Greece, Italy Spain and Portugal, which launched in May

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Carphone to open 40 concession stores in Currys/PC World

Outlets within 40 Currys/PC World shops will be as Carphone Warehouse this week, with all 159 opened by Christmas

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Daisy launches dealer incentive with Vodafone and Sony

Dealers will receive a £50 bonus for every Sony Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone connected to a Vodafone 4G price plan 

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Vodafone begins reopening Phones 4u stores

130 Phones 4u stores to be rebranded and reopened by operator by mid-November
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Liverpool named best UK city for mobile performance

London comes in fifth in RootMetrics study that looks at customer signal experience across all networks Read the full story

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BlackBerry head of Vodafone channel sales quits to join O2

Wilkins takes up role at Telefonica managing Centre of Excellence partners
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Ofcom closes window for feedback on number switching

EE, O2, Vodafone and Three all sent feedback to regulator as part of review into porting Read the full story

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