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Vodafone and Microsoft Lync up

Vodafone has added Microsoft’s Lync collaboration to its one net business service in a move that the mobile operator said will improve the way businesses keep their employees connected on the move. Read the full story

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Vodafone rev-share woes continue to irk partners

A number of dealers are reporting continued delays with rev-share payments following its introduction last year Read the full story

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Vodafone takes on EE with low-end 4G devices

Manufacturer targets lower-end of market with new 4G devices Read the full story

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UK government to fast track mobile surveillance laws

Emergency laws will be introduced next week to force service providers to log records of calls, texts and internet use for 12 months. Read the full story

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BT wins Supreme Court ruling over mobile network charges

Ruling over prices on 08 numbers could mean UK operators are forced to pay back tens of millions of pounds.

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Vodafone Reduce Roaming Charges in Eight Countries

Vodafone will allow Pay Monthly customers to use their inclusive minutes, texts and data while roaming as part of their new WorldTraveller service. Read the full story

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Mystery Shopper: Angel Islington

Mystery Shopper is getting a Samsung Galaxy S5 but is worried about online security and sensitive work files on the Android OS. Can the retailers put a worried mind at ease and offer the right security package?

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Mystery Caller: Replacing an iPhone 4

A feature phone has been in the hands of Mystery Caller since last year after he lost his iPhone 4. Can the networks suggest the right smartphone for him and bring him back to the future?

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Three replaces O2 as least complained about network

O2 loses position after 13 consecutive quarters in Ofcom’s Q1 customer complaints report, while EE still tops the list 

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Vodafone aiming to be ‘most admired total comms company’

Operator claims the growing trend of customers choosing one provider for all their telecoms needs and its ability to cross-sell between various bases will help it achieve this in 2014

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