Brits lost staggering £6.4bn worth of gadgets in past two years


Around 13 per cent of holidaymakers will take over £1000 worth of gadgets with them

Over the last two years Brits have had gadgets lost, damaged, and stolen while on holiday – equating to a staggering £6.4 billion.

This is according to insurance provider Protect Your Bubble. It surveyed 2,000 UK adults between July 19 to July 21 this year.

Around 13 per cent of holidaymakers will take over £1000 worth of gadgets with them. Brits will take on average £528 worth of technology with them on holiday this year but 35 per cent don’t plan on taking insurance out.

The research found it is most likely to have gadgets stolen from hotel rooms in: France (14pc), Italy (10pc), and the US (10pc). While holidaymakers are targeted by pickpockets more in: Turkey (11pc), Greece (10pc) and Spain (8pc).

Dropping devices is the biggest claim for insurance (26pc). Water damage follows from swimming pools (19pc) and the sea (15pc). Heat damage where claimants left devices in the sun for too long, which can render screens useless, was committed by 17 per cent.

Protect Your Bubble head of UK Rob Basinger said: “The age of being able to easily rescue a water-damaged phone in a bag of rice is long gone, and with many flagship smartphones now costing more than £600, Instagramming by the pool or Snapchatting at the beach comes at a potentially enormous cost.

“Smartphones and cameras are now a key element of the holiday experience, whether for local maps, staying in touch with friends and family at home or simply taking envy-inducing photos to post online, but you needn’t give this up to keep your gadgets safe from harm.”