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HSC refreshes branding in 3D

Mobile News
July 2, 2010

Distributor adds 3D effect to branding in refresh designed to underline its product offering to the dealer community and make its name ‘come off the page’

Distributor HSC has refreshed its branding with a 3D look and a trio of icons that represent the company’s three main business areas.

The format and core colouring of HSC’s branding has been maintained, but now uses a graduated 3D treatment on the three converging circles and lettering.

The trio of icons depict airtime (red), hardware (dark blue) and software (light blue). HSC has also created multiple square icons to portray value-added services for dealers such as the 1 Account, marketing support, technical support and online services including the web store, support centre and connection tracker.

HSC marketing manager Theresa Williams said: “We wanted to freshen up the look and feel of the HSC brand in all media and restate our market position as ‘The Mobile Solution’ provider.

“Since rebranding into HSC with the three converging circles in March 2009, we felt that the logo looked a little two dimensional and could do with a lift. We also felt that in a crowded distribution market HSC needed to ‘come off the page’ with a simpler, more continuous look and feel across all our media and communications.

“Now, our refresh highlights our commitment to a dealer-driven strategy of holding a competitively priced choice of airtime, hardware and software available on one simple dealer account, with service at the heart of everything we do.”

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