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Lease Telecom offers trade-in service with £500 cashback

Paul Lipscombe
December 19, 2018

Dealer will accept devices that adhere to three requirements

Lease Telecom has launched a device trade-in service that offers its partners up to £500 cashback per handset via its Partner portal.

The telecoms and IT equipment finance company says the portal will assist its partners in getting more value from handsets after the service launched on December 12.

Partners are able to create requests through a dedicated trade-in section of the Lease Portal. Once the process is complete, an invoice is triggered.

Lease Telecom will pay the full list prices based on the requirements that the phone can switch on, the screen fully functions and there are no account locks, instead of using a grading system similar to those of mobile phone recyclers.


The service is aimed at the 350-plus Lease Telecom partners, which consist of mobile, UC and IT resellers, major networks and distribution.

Lease Telecom sales and marketing director Simon Fabb said: “We’re helping partners and customers to use the value left in their used devices, paying top prices and making the process completely hands-off for all involved.”

“We want this portal to help our partners to make money from leasing and generating positive cash balances. In theory, our partners will be able to sell the equipment twice, initially on the lease and at the end of month 24 through recycling.”

Lease Telecom arranges for equipment to be picked up from its partners or customers to save them the hassle of carrying out logistics.

Customers and partners are able to track each trade-in via the Lease Portal throughout the process, from initial request up to collection, auditing and payout.

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