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Vodafone set to unite dealer channels finally

Mobile News
July 19, 2010

Vodafone announces partner conference to bring Yes Telecom and Vodafone indirect together to “form one central indirect channel”

Vodafone is taking its first formal steps in bringing both Yes Telecom and Vodafone indirect together at a meeting on July 28, in Northamptonshire.

Selected Yes Telecom dealers have been invited to attend at the first ‘Partner Board Event’, with more expected  at different venues across the UK.

Vodafone sales director for small and medium enterprise Rob Shardlow as well as a number of other senior members from both Vodafone direct and Yes Telecom will be in attendance.

Shardlow said: “The indirect channel is set to play an even greater role in the future of Vodafone UK and, as we move towards bringing Yes Telecom and Vodafone indirect together to form one central indirect channel, we want to hear what you think.

“The main aim of the session is to listen to feedback and suggestions. This first Partner Board is one that will set the wheels in motion and provide the foundations for our transformation. I believe the future for Vodafone Partners is really exciting.”

Vodafone and Yes evaluated its partner base in July last year, by launching its ‘taste of gold’ incentive for three months. The move allowed all non strategic partners to conduct their business on a level playing field, with each receiving the same commercials in a bid to discover its 40 best performers, who would become gold partners.

A new business partner classification programme is expected to be announced.

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