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Exclusive: Data Select to go global after massive restructure

Alex Yau
February 16, 2015

Peter Jones brings Data Select, Expansys, DSNS and PJ Media together for the first time

Peter Jones has revealed major international expansion plans for Data Select, Expansys DSNS and PJ Media following a six-month business review.

Jones, who founded Data Select in 1998, has formed a new group holding company, called Brandpath, under which the companies will now sit.

The firm has recently completed a six-figure IT upgrade, bringing back-office systems of each company as well as all staff together for the first time. Jones said combining the assets of Data Select (distribution), Expansys (e-commerce), DSNS (SIM’s) and PJ Media (IT solutions) will enable ‘Brandpath’ to become a “globally respected leader”.

“By creating Brandpath, we can provide a complete end-to-end solutions service to our partners globally,” said Jones, who has taken the title of Brandpath president and executive chairman. “We are evolving to meet the needs of our current and future partners.”

Changing identity

Jones added all current brands will remain “for the time being” as it builds Brandpath’s identity over the next year. Data Select has “quietly” been building a number of international distribution hubs in Chicago, Hong Kong and France – offering distribution services to local markets. No current direct agreements with manufacturers have been formed as yet, but are expected. Expansys is operational in 50 countries already, and has a presence in around 200.

Former Vodafone Egypt and Qatar CEO Richard Daly, has been appointed as Brandpath CEO to head up the groups expansion plans and assisted Jones with the review.

Data Select managing director, Roy Taylor, has been named senior vice president of Data Select with global responsibility for the Product Distribution Business, driving the international expansion of its handset and SIM distribution businesses.

Expansys founder Matt Kidd will head up Online Services (Expansys and PJ Media) with Expansys CEO Antony Catterson working alongside Daly in promoting Brandpath to “major clients” both in the UK and abroad.

“There’s a certain tier of international customers, big top 250 companies we want to be talking to,” said Daly. “We can do e-commerce and distribution end-to-end and we will be promoting Brandpath to those companies.”

Taylor added: “We have everything under the Brandpath umbrella.The idea is to carry on with the individual companies within that, but where we see opportunities, pull everything together to create one efficient central operation.”

New markets up for grabs

Taylor said the firm has earmarked a central warehouse in Eastern Europe and noted Africa and Asia as target markets.

Data Select has also been managing Vodafone’s 20 stores in Qatar for two years and will explore further opportunities.

“If they live in Shanghai, stock goes out from Asia, if they live in New York it can go from Chicago and if it’s central Europe it’s Slough,” said Taylor.

“We’ll probably end up opening a distribution centre in Eastern Europe. ”

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