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YotaPhone 2 ‘dual-screen’ smartphone set for UK release

Michael Garwood
November 27, 2014

Android device to officially launch in the UK on December 3

Russian manufacturer Yota is set to release its follow up YotaPhone device, the YotaPhone 2 in London next week (December 3)

Like the original, launched a year ago, the Android running YotaPhone 2 includes a screen on both the  front (five inch) and back (4.7 inch) of the device. It claims 74 per cent of the device surface is touch screen.

All content on the rear screen is  displayed in black and white. This, according to Yota, is to allow users to conserve their battery when sending and reading text messages and emails. Battery life is around 50 hours, using a 2550 mAh.

Other features on the device include a quad core processor, eight megapixel camera (two megapixel front facing), 32GB internal memory and NFC.

The handset was originally unveiled during Mobile World Congress in February this year.

The original model was priced  at £415, and sold via its website only. Details on pricing for the YotaPhone 2 or sales channels are yet to be confirmed.

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