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2017 predictions: Fonehouse chairman Clive Bailey

Mobile News
January 18, 2017

Fonehouse owner Clive Bailey tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including evolution of the market and casualties from consolidation 

The “experts” are predicting a retail downturn with less profits as more discounting will continue in an effort to stand still. Legislation will continue to upset network operators and potentially put more pressure on the existing model of mobile retailing.

The market and ways of selling will evolve even more, especially with social media and online plays. Selling becomes more of an old fashioned word as the drive for customer service and belonging to a marketing idea will be the holy grail.

Political correctness and segmented public opinion will increase its subversive hold on marketing departments who will become more terrified of alienating part of their audience and losing their buy-in on emotional or political grounds. Compliance will increase its hold and drive out any company that cannot afford to comply.

The larger retail monopolies will apply pressure on the smaller businesses and we may well see more casualties during the year, as surely consolidation is just another word for major corporates taking ownership of a shrinking market.

However, there are ways around for the smaller players. New concepts and tapping into
the new world order of social liberals versus the old guard can lead to some very interesting and unusual marketing and product concepts. Perhaps the consumer will need to “belong” to something more so that will create an interesting time for blue sky thinkers in mobile.

That’s before we come on to unified comms and integration, IoT, smart home, electric car, in action filming, refurbishing, protecting, repairing, accessorising It’s going to be a bit more than just selling a contract.

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