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2017 predictions: Huawei UK sales and marketing director Rhys Saunders

Mobile News
January 17, 2017

Huawei sales and marketing director Rhys Saunders (pictured centre) tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including the importance of smartphone cameras and battery to contribute to the development of virtual reality

In 2016, more and more consumers have chosen to use their smartphone as their only (digital) camera, and there are no signs of the mobile photography trend going anywhere in 2017. Year on year, camera quality is becoming a bigger factor when consumers make their purchasing decisions – which means the quality of front and back cameras on smartphones is more important than ever.

Battery life continues to be one of the biggest pain points for consumers. Innovative battery technology will be a key differentiator in the industry. For those with the very latest handsets, safe supercharge capabilities will be keeping battery anxiety at bay next year.

Finally, 2016 has seen an increase in the popularity of VR, and it doesn’t look like it is going to a gimmick. However this technology relies heavily on device processor and screen capabilities.

Devices with these competences are going to be vital to offer users the quality of experience that is needed for the VR trend to continue to grow.

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