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2017 predictions: Supercover director of sales John Fannon

Mobile News
January 19, 2017

Supercover Insurance director of sales John Fannon tells Mobile News his thoughts on what might happen this year, including consolidation and continued domination by Samsung and Apple

This year will see continued consolidation across B2B channels as more dealers exit the arena and their business operation is placed into larger partners. The recent Onecom purchase of Evolve Telecom being a classic example of quite sizeable players disappearing – and there will be more to follow.

Ultimately, this leaves the network operators with less baskets in which to keep their eggs – not a bad thing, as it should strengthen the dealer/network relationships for obvious reasons. Apple and Samsung will continue to dominate and possibly even increase their 85 per cent market share at the expense of the lower-tiered partners such as HTC, LG and Nokia.

The UK government has recently been found wanting in leading 5G development compared with other nations and will no doubt be driving changes to rectify this in 2017 and beyond.

Many new and exciting revenue generating opportunities continue to present themselves across the channel such as software, insurance, recycling, leasing etc and the more dynamic dealers can make the most of these developments which is what makes this industry such an exciting and challenging place to be.

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