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Speakers’ Corner: The Most Popular Apple Products to Recycle

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September 1, 2021

We should be more open to recycling our old Apple tech says Stewart McGrenary, who is MD of Phonesmart Ltd Group, the parent company of,, and

Apple is one of the world’s largest multinational technology manufacturing companies, famous for its diverse range of consumer electronics. From MacBooks to iPhones, they’ve come up with apple watches, iPads, iPods, and much more.

Apple introduces something vibrant and must-have each year that catches the consumer’s eyes; therefore, they usually sell their iPhone or other Apple products to get their hands on the latest development.

The quality of their products ensures that they can be resold even after a certain period. There is a constant demand for second-hand apple products because consumers know that they are durable; thus, their value remains undiminished.

You can sell your iPhone and other products and even recycle any parts to revamp its functioning. The gold standard engineering of an Apple product ensures that the manufacturer provides that it can be fixed in the face of even the smallest malfunction.

Consumers are looking to recycle their product to elongate its usage or somewhat restore it before reselling it to consumers looking for second-hand products at affordable prices. This kind of trade between the consumers and the manufacturers shows how the business stays afloat because everyone is after keeping up the brand name.

Pick about any Apple product, and it can be recycled and resold. However, the most popular Apple products to recycle have been discussed in turn below.


The Apple iPhone remains among the most used and popular Apple products. The company introduces a newer model every other year. Consumers ensure they are bought as fast as they come in. This gives rise to the resale of the previous models because those who can’t afford the latest can at least go for the second latest phone.

What makes the recycling of iPhones more popular than other phones made by competitors is the fact that IOS protects your data more fiercely than Android ever will. The robust software ensures that no outside source is authorized to access it easily. This goes on to be the most vital selling point an iPhone has, in addition to the fact that its overall appeal remains unparalleled. The sleek body and the stellar features provided, such as the camera, add to the attraction.

It is most crucial for consumers to ensure that they back up the data in their device before recycling and reselling their device. Following a backup, they can safely delete all the files because the next buyer must not access any of your data.

While recycling an iPhone, simply getting the battery replaced for a new one drastically changes the market value of your phone. In addition to this, a simple touch-up of having the iPhone charging ports and screen cleaned out can change the face of your product. For products that can’t be resold as they are, they’re taken apart by Apple to reuse the following products in their manufacturing unit.


MacBooks are a must-have for anyone already using an iPhone because they know quality when they see it. When we recycle a MacBook, just like the iPhone, the data must first be backup and deleted to protect from any unauthorized access by others. Like any other product, there are substantial marketplaces that resell second-hand products that have been recycled into good shape. Apple itself takes back products that cannot be resold because of some default. They then recycled the parts inside individually to use for other products alike.

MacBooks are most compatible for syncing your iPhone or any other Apple product, which adds to their appeal for an Apple consumer. The data protection and the fact that MacBooks, like other Apple products, do not lag and cause an interruption in your work is also one of the reasons there is such high demand for their products. The chargers and other accessories and laptops can also be resold in the marketplace for those looking to buy unique accessories at lower prices.


iPads make it to the list of Apple products that are most frequently recycled and resold in the market. It all comes down to the upkeep of the original owner that makes a difference in how the product can be resold again. Suppose it doesn’t live up to the market value. In that case, the usable parts are recycled into other products by the Apple manufacturers. Suppose you keep your iPad updated to the latest version of IOS before recycling it for sale. In that case, it ensures that the product will operate smoothly for the next consumer.


iPods revolutionized the era of simply using MP3 players for your music. If you can not resell your pre-used iPods, one can quickly get them exchanged for gift cards and discounts for their following product. The standard procedure goes out for an iPod, too, to clean out your data after backing it up, and you will surely get some value for money.

The premium quality of Apple products speaks for itself. As long as Apple keeps coming up with its innovative products, they will continue to be the top competition. These are some of the most popular Apple products that can be recycled and resold in the market, and in exchange, you can get a good amount of money.

Stewart McGrenary is managing director of Phonesmart Ltd Group

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