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Lenovo teases return of iconic Moto Razr phone

James Pearce
May 23, 2016

Motorola Razr V3 is the ninth best-selling mobile of all time, with Moto posting a teaser video to YouTube hinting the brand might make a comeback

Lenovo has teased bringing back the iconic Motorola Razr in a video released to YouTube.

The Chinese manufacturer, which bought Motorola from Google for just over £2 billion in 2014, teased the return of the flip phone in a video with a possible launch date – June 9.

That date is when Lenovo is due to hold its annual Lenovo Tech World event, and is expected to announce the follow up to 2015’s Moto X.

The original Razr V3 flip phone was launched in 2004 and went on to sell more than 130 million units, making it the best-selling clamshell phone ever released.

Motorola released a number of follow-up devices, including the Razr V8 and V9, and tried to reboot the brand as a smartphone in 2011 as a standard smartphone.

Mobile News contacted Lenovo/Motorola but no-one was available to comment.

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