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Welcome to our ‘Spotlight’ series

Spotlight is a series of print and digital editions of Mobile News reports and promotional opportunities that focus on a single industry sector. Spotlight offers organisations the opportunity to customise their own dedicated advertorial, inject their own content and have their company profile, sales messages, mission statements, and contact details published in a branded advertorial supported by a full-page colour display ad. The main USP is that we undertake all of the design work for you! For further information, please click here to view the brochure. Below is an archive of all of the Spotlight editions to date:

Spotlight 24th Edition: Service & Repair

Spotlight 23rd Edition: Finance & Leasing


Spotlight 22nd Edition: Accessories

691 pre-owned phones spotlight

Spotlight 21st Edition: Pre-Owned & Second Life Devices 

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Spotlight 20th Edition:  Rugged Phones 

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Spotlight 19th Edition: Distribution

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Spotlight 18th Edition: Finance & Leasing

Spotlight 17th edition: Recycling

Spotlight 16th edition: Gadget & Mobile Insurance 

Spotlight 15th Edition- Accessories 

Spotlight 14th Edition- Service & Repair 

Spotlight 13th Edition- Rugged Phones

Spotlight 12th edition – Distribution

Spotlight 11th edition – IoT

Spotlight 10th edition – Airtime

Spotlight 9th edition – Recycling

Spotlight 8th edition – Accessories

Spotlight 7th edition – Service and Repair

Spotlight 6th edition – Distribution

Spotlight 5th edition – Airtime

Spotlight 4th edition – Recycling

Spotlight 3rd edition – Accessories

Spotlight 2nd edition – Service and Repair

Spotlight 1st edition – Distribution

For further information about which topics we’ll be featuring for future editions and to find out how your organisation can feature, please contact Stephen Watson on 0203 122 0873.