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2018 predictions: Unipart Logistics CCO Claire Walters

Mobile News
January 17, 2018

Unipart Logistics CCO Claire Walters predicts increased demand in wearables and quad play as well as a more personalised customer service

Digital, digital, digital! As mobile devices are the key gateway to most technology in an increasingly digital world, manufacturers and networks will fight hard to offer the best solutions and services.
Success will bring brand loyalty through intuitive solutions and easy interfaces to control a customer’s life, home, car, security and health, and also new revenue streams.
The race to digitise and significantly increase the clock speed of change achievable through ageing legacy systems will be critical for networks and MVNO alike.
We will continue to see increasing functionality and wider adoption of wearable bands and watches in 2018.
Customers will continue to want more choice and simplicity, for less, so one stop packages from service providers that go beyond quad play will become more prevalent.
Taking service to the high street, home or office will be a big feature of 2018, with a few service providers making it work through local scale and clever distribution solutions. The high street will increasingly focus on service as purchasing continues to move online.
In logistics for the fast-paced technology market, the on-demand services that are now emerging in London will spread to UK-wide coverage at a price that consumers will pay.
Subscription services for a tailored and convenient delivery to a locker, collection point, secure location at home, or even your boot or home will increase.

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