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20:20 and Doro extend distribution

Mobile News
August 11, 2010

20:20 Mobile and handset manufacturer Doro extend distribution agreement to include new markets such as the UK

20:20 Mobile and Swedish senior market handset manufacturer Doro have extended their distribution agreement to cover new markets.

The extended partnership means Doro mobiles and accessories will now be distributed through 20:20 Mobile’s retail, online and corporate business channels in the UK, Italy, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

This includes fulfilment of orders for the telecommunications channel resulting from Doro’s first ever UK TV advertising campaign, which began airing in July. Doro’s existing UK distribution partners, including AH Distribution, will remain.

20:20 Mobile already distributes Doro products in France, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, the Nordics and UAE.

20:20 Mobile managing director James Browning said: “Doro’s range of mobile handsets meet the real needs of real people, making them a unique yet valuable proposition to retailers.

“With our substantial experience, robust logistics network and ability to provide a solid support service we hope to further strengthen that relationship.”

Doro recently launched a new handset, the Doro PhoneEasy 332gsm, which is designed to make texting easier for senior users with vision and dexterity problems.

Doro UK managing director Chris Millington said: “The senior mobile market is a huge growth opportunity in light of the rapidly ageing global population.

“Something relatively basic in a product’s design, such as increased flexibility to suit eye or hearing conditions, concave buttons or ergonomics, can mean a huge difference to the end user.”

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