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5G smartphones to account for over half of smartphone sales revenue by 2025

Paul Lipscombe
August 16, 2021

However the impending right-to-repair movement could limit 5G smartphones sales growth post-2025

5G smartphones will account for more than half of all smartphones sales revenue by 2025.

That is according to a study carried out by Juniper Research, which estimates the figure will reach $337bn by 2025, up from $108bn this year.

The survey tips 5G smartphone users to become more popular as the service continues to expand.

And the report also revealed that Android OS handsets will continue to dominate in emerging regions, with Android handsets costing significantly less than iOS devices.

Juniper figures predict Android smartphone prices to be 65 per cent lower than global iOS devices.

The lower average cost of Android devices will lead to Android dominating the Latin America 5G handset market according to Juniper.

In comparison the continued popularity of iOS devices in more developed markets such as North America and Europe will see iPhones account for 40 per cent of global smartphone revenue in these markets by 2025.


But long-term 5G smartphone shipment revenue is expected to be limited due to proposed ‘right-to-repair’ legislation coming into play in North America and Europe.

This legislation compels big name vendor’s to be more open around the availability of parts, enabling consumers to more easily fix their own devices.

Of the impact the right-to-repair legislation will have on the 5G smartphone market, Juniper Research analyst Adam Wears said: “The effect of these laws will not be felt initially, as consumers adopt 5G smartphones to leverage the high speeds and reduced latency of 5G networks.

“Hardware vendors must use this opportunity to build out new device capabilities to encourage consumers to continue regularly upgrading and avoid churn to competitors.”

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