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9.1 million UK households don’t have access to WiFi throughout their homes

Saf Malik
December 2, 2019

Zen Internet found that a third of UK households don’t have Wifi access in every room

Zen Internet has revealed that one-third of UK households experience WiFi ‘not-spots’ – areas of the home where they are unable to connect to WiFi.

Broadband providers can guarantee connectivity to the home but factors such as the size of the home, the denseness of the walls and doors can limit WiFi reach within the home.

British households are experimenting with their own solutions to improve their WiFi connectivity. One in five has moved their router to what they consider to be a better position in the home.

15 per cent of those surveyed have purchased a WiFi extender – a piece of hardware that can help extend WiFi reach around the home but also comes with challenges such as the risk of speed degradation.

Despite this, UK households still struggle to connect to WiFi everywhere they want in their home with a quarter of respondents having to avoid certain rooms when getting online.

Poor connectivity can lead to lost revenue for providers with one in 10 households asking for a refund from their broadband provider if they can’t get online.

Zen Internet CEO Paul Stobart said: “With WiFi connectivity throughout the home now an expected requirement for modern-day living, it’s unacceptable that families are still struggling to connect to their WiFi in whatever room they want.

“It’s the responsibility of the broadband industry to ensure consumers have the best service possible and this includes providing the tools to deliver this.”

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