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AeroMobile launches inflight 3G services on Air Singapore flights

Alex Yau
July 12, 2016

The Gatwick-based company was the first, and currently the only, to launch inflight 3G connectivity

AeroMobile has added its inflight 3G mobile services to Air Singapore’s fleet of A350 aircrafts.

These will be the first A350s, planes designed solely for long haul flights, with inflight 3G connectivity. The technology will allow passengers to connect their mobile to 3G and use text, data and voice services in the air just as they would on the ground.

It is one of five airlines to have 3G connectivity, with others including Air Serbia, SAS, Air Berlin and Etihad. The first was installed by AeroMobile on Air Berlin’s A330-200 aircrafts in December last year. The first Air Singapore A350 flight using the technology was made in May, but AeroMobile was unable to confirm the exact date of the flight, or the number of A350 aircraft with 3G connectivity. Further planes will have it added in the coming months.

AeroMobile CEO Kevin Rogers said: “We’re excited to be expanding our current connected fleet with our first ever A350. Asia is a key area of growth for us and we’re pleased Singapore Airlines continues to see the value of facilitating inflight connectivity for its customers.”

Gatwick-based AeroMobile was the first, and currently the only, company to offer in-flight 3G services. Its only major rival OnAir only offers 2.5G connectivity.

AeroMobile operates 2.5G services on 18 airlines, including Aer Lingus, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa and Qatar. Its inflight connectivity technology, created by Panasonic, is made possible through roaming agreements with 335 operators (all four in the UK) in over 145 countries. Over 39 million passengers have connected to AeroMobile’s service since its launch in 2007.

Mobile News has contacted AeroMobile for more information.

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