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Agency Ingram Micro playing import-ant role for resellers

James Pearce
March 5, 2015

IMM brings new marketing service for resellers to UK after success in its US home market

Ingram Micro Mobility has often discussed its intent to bring the organisations most successful service offerings from the wider group to the UK following the completion of its integration process of Brightpoint.

One such service now being deployed, is ‘Agency Ingram Micro’, a service designed to help resellers better market their business that is aiming to add more mobility clients

The agency, launched in October, currently works with 37 companies – most of which are IT, and is now actively looking to partner with B2B mobile resellers.

The team of nine, working at Ingram’s Milton Keynes office, includes two graphic designers, two web designers, a PR specialist, a communications expert, two in-house account managers and department head Dean Wootton.

Wootton told Mobile News: “We provide a full-service advertising and marketing agency for our customers.We deal with 37 clients in the UK, offering services like brand creation, brand awareness and brand assessment.”

Services range from an in-depth critique of a client’s existing marketing strategy to a full end-to-end service that can include social media and website design.

Tailor made for B2B

“We’re an ad-hoc service like any other marketing agency. We tailor the marketing depending on what a company actually needs. If you don’t need to be on Facebook, we won’t set that up for you. It’s about creating a marketing plan that is bespoke for them that will help drive their business.”

“We’ve met companies that hadn’t really developed their logo and brand during their lifespan.It was just a tired logo on a business card or an email template on a website.

“We’ve got mobility customers who want to move in to technology solutions and trying to find new customers in different areas, that’s where we can help.”

Judged by performance

Overall, the agency provides almost 100 different services to clients, with the cost ranging from £500 to £20,000 or more for clients with larger marketing budgets.

Wootton added the team are judged by their performance and currently has an unblemished record – although the company refused to reveal names. He added the team is capable of handling up to 60 customers per month should demand rise – which it expects it will.

“The results we’ve brought in have caught the attention of the right people in the business and now they are putting heads and resources in to this area. Now we’re growing quickly. We can comfortably deal with around 60 customers on a month-by-month addressable market at the moment within our current capabilities.”

International success

Wooton’s comments were backed by Richard Wills (pictured on stage), stating the service had seen huge success in Ingram’s international markets, particularly in North America. Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.35.31

“We help our resellers market their business rather than them going to a traditional marketing agency which will deal with all sorts of areas of the market.

“The marketing team is helping to market resellers from top to bottom, be it updating the brand logo, email marketing campaigns, press telemarketing campaigns and so on.

“It’s been predominantly pushed towards our IT and technology resellers, but available to our mobile guys.”

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