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Anglia and Fone Logistics rebranded as Daisy Distribution

Paul Withers
January 4, 2011

Airtime distributors begin trading as new entity following lengthy integration process

Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics have combined to be rebranded as Daisy Distribution. The move follows six months of integration between the two businesses.

Daisy Group acquired Anglia Telecom for £17 million in August 2009 and followed this with the purchase of Fone Logistics for £3.6 million in June 2010.

Daisy Group said since that time work has been underway to “realise the operational assets of both businesses and fuse these together to deliver the best distribution partner experience.”

Daisy Distribution will operate using the banner of ‘encouraging partner success’. It stands independently of other Daisy businesses but with the shared resources and benefits of the wider Group, operating with its own portfolio of products.

In addition to supporting partners of both the Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics’ bases, it said it’s actively pursuing opportunities with new dealers.

The business is also inviting application from solutions providers and other products and applications to enhance its supply chain offering.

Daisy Distribution distributes airtime on behalf of O2 as a Centre of Excellence Distributor, is an Orange Federated Partner, a platinum partner with Vodafone and also has an indirect agreement with the network.

Both the trading sites in Ipswich and Prudhoe, Northumberland, will continue to operate with partners served and supported from each.

Daisy Distribution managing director Dave McGinn said: “The rebranding announcement finally cements our place within the Group and provides us with a strong platform from which to grow.

“We already have strong relationships with our partners and by bringing the two brands together into one we are able to present a powerful business moving forward and expect this to lead to our increasing connection levels with all of our network partners.

“We want Daisy Distribution to be synonymous with quality and service and to be the partners’ choice.”

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